Meet the Team

We are the HORACE team from the Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg. At the beginning of the project, we were undergraduate students in the 2nd year of study of Aerospace Information Technology. Beneath we outlined the work packages each team member is responsible for.

  • thomas rapp

    Thomas Rapp

    Thomas, besides being responsible for the device assembly and mechanical integration, is the team leader of the whole project.

  • Jochen Barf

    Jochen Barf

    The experimental part of our project, developing the horizon sensing algorithm, is Jochen’s assignment. 

  • Sven Geiger

    Sven Geiger

    Sven is the connection between Soft- and Hardware, since he is integrating the algorithm onto an embedded board.

  • Florian Wolz

    Florian Wolz

    The job of Florian is the development of  the Power Distribution Unit.
    He is also responsible for on-board electronics, like wiring, secure mounting etc.

  • Arthur Scharf

    Arthur Scharf

    Arthur’s responsibility is the verification and testing of the experiment.
    In addition, he is managing our Public Outreach and Relations.

  • snowy steve

    Matthias Bergmann

    Matthias, our mechanical engineer, is accountable for the the technical drawings, mechanical
    structure etc.