Articles for January 2013

First Tests with a FPGA Board


Sven and Florian are working on some basic functions like saving and preprocessing frames with the FPGA-based Development Board “SPARTAN-6″. They’re also making some first attempts towards edge-detection with frames provided by the camera.

System Design Session


Right after everybody finished celebrating New Year’s Eve our whole team got together to get some of the work done we had to do for the Student Experiment Documentation. Well, almost the whole team. 
Unfortunately Florian, our electrical engineer, wasn’t able to participate personally, so a MacBook had to take up his place… 

First Tests with the Power Distribution Unit


The first components for our Power Distribution Unit arrived a few Days ago.

Florian Wolz, our electrical engineer, is running some basic tests to provide a stable power source with a voltage between 1.5 and 24 Volt for the other electrical components.