Post-Flight Evaluation and Results

Post Flight Evaluation

We finally finished evaluating our gathered flight-data and analysing the problems we had during the rocket flight.

The following paragraphs will give you a quick overview about our technical, operational and scientific results. For more information please check chapter 7 of our newest SED release in the Download Section. (And if this is not detailed enough for you, please check the bachelor theses of Thomas Rapp and Jochen Barf, also available in the Download Section)

Back to Germany


Since about two weeks we are back in Germany again. It a pretty relief to have a real sunset and dark nights again ;-)

But we weren’t inactive since we got back!



After the cancelled launch of REXUS15 due to a problem with the umbilical, and a failed Communication Check for our experiment yesterday evening, we had a launch opportunity for the REXUS16 today and a lift-off at about 13:00 local time!

First Days in Kiruna



On Monday morning all of our six team members got out of bed and knew: the most exciting part of the REXUS program is coming! We traveled from Würzburg to Frankfurt where we checked in at the airport, which was quite adventurous since Matthias had his 600mm lens, that looks like an over dimensioned gun, in his baggage (see the pictures!), so he had a lot of fun with the security guys… But finally we got onto the plane to Stockholm.

Bench Test in Oberpfaffenhofen


 Last Week four of our Team Members, Thomas, Florian, Sven and Jochen were in Oberpfaffenhofen at the MORABA – Labs for the Bench Test. During the Bench Test Week, all REXUS – experiments were mounted onto the real REXUS Service-Module, the Module which will distribute the Power and downlink the Data from the experiment modules,

Integration Week in Bremen

Integration Week in Bremen

During the last week, four of our team members were at the ZARM in Bremen, to have the Shaker and a full Payload Test. The first Day went quite well, we tested and improved a lot of our Procedures we will need and use during the Launch Campaign in Kiruna.