Since about two weeks we are back in Germany again. It a pretty relief to have a real sunset and dark nights again ;-)

But we weren’t inactive since we got back!

During the last week we developed a detailed plan, on how we are going to investigate the camera issue we had during the flight ( we got very overexposed images from the camera, so no horizon was detected by the algorithm…). But until now we are still waiting for our experiment to arrive at our university again. 

Today morning we held a lecture about our project, and about REXUS/BEXUS in general, to encourage interested students to take part in that awesome opportunity. Professor Kayal allowed us to talk to the students in his lecture “Luft- und Raumfahrtbetrieb”, to present how an experiment as HORACE is designed and build from scratch, and then is launched on a sounding rocket.
We especially talked about the REXUS/BEXUS programme and its milestones, to give the students a better understanding of a full lifecycle of a real space project.

So far, it was a fine lecture, since there were some interested students coming to us afterwards. Maybe they will apply for a REXUS or BEXUS experiment, who knows… ;-)

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Last Modified: October 28, 2014