Articles for August 2013

Gedex-Service is sponsoring connecting elements

Gedex Service is sponsoring connection elements for the HORACE

The company “Gedex-service” is sponsoring a great part of screws, nuts and other connecting elements we will need to integrate our experiment into the REXUS module. The company is specialised on a wide range of  connection elements made of stainless steel.

Make sure to visit  their website at !

Basic OS is finished

blogpost_image_core_system_basic_OSTwo days ago Sven finished the implementation of the basic OS, on which the horizon-detection algorithm will run. The operating system is based

Hot gas inrush simulation

simulation, camera, thermal test, REXUS

On Tuesday we did a simulation of hot gas inrush which occurs during the flight of the REXUS rocket, to test the camera’s ability to withstand temperatures above 200°C.