After the invitation to the selection workshop we worked hard to compose a great presentation to convince the selection board of our project. The movie sequence Arthur created was fully rendered just some hours before departure. The weather conditions in Würzburg forced Jochen to hitchhike to the railway station to reach the train to Bonn in time.We met the other Teams from Germany FLASH, FOVS, HAMES, MEDUSA, MOXA and aParatum and the experts (physicists & engineers) of the REXUS/BEXUS program from Sweden and Germany at the DLR building.
We did not only present our project and listen to the presentation of the other teams but also learned much about requirements, documentation, Esrange, project and risk management and system engineering. Now we are looking forward to the training week in Oberpfaffenhofen in February, where the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) takes place, which we are working for during the next weeks.

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Last Modified: March 13, 2013